Hello! I'm Ernest! For the past eight years I've been working as a Python developer, systems administrator, or "devop" in some facet. The most recent five months have been a departure from full-time employment to pursue work on launching the new PyPI funded by a generous award from the Mozilla Foundation to the Python Software Foundation's Packaging Working Group.

As I blaze headlong into a thing I've been preparing for in the first half of May 2018, the funds allocated from the Mozilla award for my work have been expended (on-time and under budget), and I'm looking for what's next.

Thus my search commences! If you're interested in knowing more about me and the kind of work I'm interested in undertaking, read on. Otherwise consider taking a closer look at what is effectively my resume.


Most of my background is in helping teams, communities, and projects operate their software in development, staging, and production environments. I'm not afraid of running vintage software, tracking down a puzzling bug, or helping to harden a system in preparation for its production launch.

I'm comically biased towards the Python programming language, but am adept and capable when the task requires working with other tools.

The majority of my professional work that I am enthusiastic about sharing has been centered around the Python community. I've worked on the Python Software Foundation's infrastructure openly since 2013, and have taken on a more community-oriented role as the Chair of PyCon 2018 and 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you asked me what my dream job is, it would be serving the Python community on a full-time basis. But I accept the fact that my dream will be challenging to fulfill.

Your Team

I have only a few hard requirements:

Get in touch!

You are welcome to reach out to me for any purpose at regarding my search.

Note that I'll be focused on PyCon 2018 until around May 21st, so responses from me may be delayed.


Ernest is a crucial component of the PSF’s infrastructure team. Not only is he an effective software developer, he is a great leader and mentor. Ernest has great communication skills, interacts well in a team, and is fun to work with. I recommend him highly because I know he will give 💯 to any role he has.

  • Ewa Jodlowska

  • Director of Operations, Python Software Foundation

Ernest is a grade A developer and ops person, without whom PyPI would have crashed and burned many years ago under the increasing load it has received. Not only is he great at the technology side of things, but he is genuinely a great person, and would make a great addition to any team.

  • Donald Stufft

  • BDFL Delegate - Python Packaging, PyPI Maintainer, pip maintainer

When other folks on the Warehouse team needed to take a break, Ernest stepped up. When his teammates did fine work, he praised and thanked them. When communication was getting snarled up, he listened, explained his needs, and fixed his side of the problem. When users wanted things we couldn't or wouldn't give them, he was clear, professional, and diplomatic in working with them. When he disagreed with me about a course of action, he explained his thinking and was willing to negotiate or change his mind in response to new data or arguments. If you get to work with Ernest before I get to work with him again, I'll admit, I shall be a bit jealous.

Ernest is one of the most talented, passionate and dedicated engineers I’ve ever had the honor of sharing a codebase with. His commitment to Python, both as a technology and as a community, is unparalleled. He is reasonable, pragmatic, communicative, and at times hilarious. He has a deep knowledge of Python, operations, infrastructure, and security. He is my favorite person to work with, and he’ll be your favorite too.

Ernest is one of the most passionate technologist I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He goes above and beyond to not only better himself but those around him.

  • Matt Hodges

  • (Matt and Ernest worked together on Hillary For America's technology)